How the public can help

Basic needs




Shelf stable meals and snacks


12 volt hot pots

Sanitation/hygiene products

Pet food

Parking, a long time issue for truckers, is top priority. We don't want fatigue related accidents! As many have come to realize during this Covid-19 epidemic, truckers play a vital role in our supply chain. When things begin to return to some sort of semblance of normal, we will address parking in more depth. For now, with non-essential businesses closing, many places have opened up their parking lots to truckers.

More are always welcome, but before opening up your property, please be aware of local ordinances, size and weight restrictions, insurance and any clean-up you may need to take ownership of. Then, if you're willing and able, complete our form to be added to our list!

Other Needs

You should know that most truckers are willing and able to pay for services when they can find them. Discounts and goody boxes are always a welcome treat, however, especially with so many things hard to find right now.

We know that many of you are trying to stay in business right now, and truckers are willing to support those that support them! If you happen to operate a food truck, or are thinking of starting one up, you should know that you may be seen as competition to some truckstops and there are laws against setting up in federal interstate rest areas.

Some rest areas are operated by cities, counties and states and you may be able to set up in one of those. You might also consider places such as a big truck repair shop, or a hotel with ample parking.

There are many things you will have to consider, but once you've worked out those details and are ready to get started, complete our form to be included on our list!

We're all in this together, and together, we will get through this!

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